Dutch Coca Cola Can Collector

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last update: 10 mei 2020

My Coca Cola Collection websites:

This is my main website and below you will see all the links to the website from the collection you want to see !


When you want to know m
ore you can always send me a email:
[email protected]

Now in my collection are:
(still updating my collection and photo's)

Coca Cola Cans from the Netherlands: 1125 Cans
- 155 cans 150ml
- 141 cans 250ml
- 437 cans 330ml
- 350 cans 330ml Sets
-   18 cans 355ml
-   29 cans 500ml

Coca Cola Cans from Poland:
- 321 different Cans

Coca Cola Aluminium Bottles:
- 569 different Bottles

This site is an unofficial Coca-Cola site.
This site is not sponsored by, supported by or affiliated with any Coca-Cola Company.

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